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Dentist and patient

Dental care for children
All children in Denmark are entitled to free dental healthcare from the age of 0 to 18. They attend regular dental check-ups where the children learn how to take proper care of their teeth, and their teeth are treated and adjusted where necessary.

Dental care for adults
Adults over 18 must find their own private dentist. You have to pay for check-ups and treatment, but the state pays part of the cost. This amount is automatically deducted from your bill.

Finding a dentist
If you are in need of dental care, you can find a dentist (tandlæge in Danish) in the yellow pages (, google, or the local telephone directory.

Urgent dental care
In case of acute or severe dental problems during weekends or holidays, you can call the urgent dental service to get immediate dental service on: +45 7562 7500.

Indholdsansvarlig Flemming Hartmann,