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Tax statement

Various services such as libraries, roads, children’s schools and the health sector are financed through taxes in Denmark. These taxes are collected by the Danish tax authority SKAT. If you have an income in Denmark, you are required to pay taxes.

New to Denmark
As a newcomer to Denmark, it may be difficult to understand the different regulations and laws. We advise you to visit the website of SKAT to learn more about how to contact SKAT and how to obtain your obligatory tax card. Please click here.

Horsens Library and Sprogcenter Midt cooperate to offer free crash courses in the Danish tax system. To sign up for the next course, check their events listing.

Contact information
Email here, or find telephone hours at (scroll down to find "Skattecenter Horsens).

You can also contact SKAT at their main number 7722 1818.

More information
The brochure “Tax in Denmark – an introduction for new citizens” is available on SKAT’s official website.

Workindenmark also has additional info about the Danish tax system.

Please note: If your income changes, if you purchase a property, if you take out a loan etc., you must contact SKAT. A new tax card will then be issued.

Indholdsansvarlig Flemming Hartmann,